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Nextitude was created in 2007 to provide consulting advise to emerging and mature business in the mobile muttimedia area.







Bluetooth SIG

Member since 2003


With a paneuropean experience in mobile telephony, multimedia terminals, peripherals and accessories, we are offering to digital convergence players a true expertise in business strategy, portfolio management and product development in the mobile multimedia device area.


We have developped the concept of distributed convergence where the user experience is placed at the heart of new wireless multimedia ecosystems resting on fundamental principles such as interoperability and continuity of service.

Distributed convergence ecosystems will address virtually all kinds of environments, professional or personal, offices, homes, public spaces, public or private transportations and they include all the digital components for communicating, as well as accessing information on the go to instantly sense, create, share, stream and store media.


We support emerging high tech businesses willing to further develop by expanding their shares in the fast growing digital convergence environment.

- Help building a vision for the business

- Define realistic and consistent mission and objectives

- Design and implement development strategies

- Create innovative solutions to support the strategy

- Organize and plan actions for the long term and insure achievements of goals

Services we offer:

- Business strategy: market, environment, client and competition analysis, performance analysis, and strategic planning.

- Portfolio management: intelligence, development plans, roadmap definition, business case development and assessment.

- Product management: conception, specification & development, life cycle management from introduction to end of life, operational planning, pricing definition and management, localization, packaging, user manual, product sheets & catalogs.

- Product evaluation & testing: features and user experience, product approval, certifications & qualifications,compatibility and interoperability testing within distributed convergence ecosystems.

- Business development: channel development, partnerships, recruitment, sales and marketing support, network building.

- Training: creation and coordination of training or launch presentation for sales, marketing and technical staff.

NEXTITUDE SARL, RCS Paris: 498 839 182

35 Avenue de La Motte-Picquet, 75007 Paris, France

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